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To the post office


Tomorrow i’m off to the post office with the first batch off my wallcalendars to the models who gets their copy of it. I know some of them are quite anxious to see them :)

Wallcalendars over the years

Wallcalendars mix

This weekend I’m working on the new G-Babe 2012 wallcalendar. Going through thosands of images shoot the past year for the G-Babe expos…
And I looked at my filecabinets and shelves with some of my past years calendars for various calendar companies, product/branded for companies and magazines etc. It’s quite a bunch now, and this is only the ones I found in my office, not the oldest from my archive room. Two of my latest for 2012 is found here, now back to the G-Babe 2012 calendar…

Calendars 2012 online

Web shop screen

Now I’ve finally got my “web shop” up online where i have two wallcalendars 2012 for now. More items with my work will be there asap. These wallcalendars are for printing your own company/brand/club logo on them, and then to give out to your customers or own staff etc, like a christmas gift (as an example).

So order your 2012 calendars now, check them out [ here! ]   :)

Drilling fiber…

Digging/drilling the fiber outside the studio

They are digging an drilling under ground for the fiber network to our building (where my studio/office is). Soon it’s in’da house :)

Work in progress…

Sneak peek G-Babe Expo

This evening I’m continuing to work on images for the next upcoming G-Babe expo. Here is a sneak peek…

Get your hands on Gatebil Magazine to see the whole hot expo! :)

Filming/shooting commercials…


This evening Zolex is shooting film. It’s material to make demonstration clips and commercials of their products. It’s a fume bench with built in fans to prevent inhaling dangerous gases from the chemicals they are working with on the bench. Customers are laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, universities, hospitals etc. We made smoke tests of several kinds and by lightening correctly (and using a black backdrop) we made the gases/smoke visible on film to demonstrate the deferens between a normal fume bench without the fan system (smoke going everywhere, and inhaled by the operator), and their bench with the extra fans system (and the smoke going where we want it, no inhalation of it).

NHL hockey

NHL Game

Went with friends to a NHL game in Globen Arena. It was New york Rangers vs Anaheim Ducks. The arena was almost full and it was a nice arena feeling. But the game wasn’t that good in my eyes, seen better hockey games… It ended 1-1 and went to over time, then extra shots, and finally 2-1 to Anaheim, wich I think had the best game and was a worthy winner of the two teams.

This was my firts NHL game live and I must say it’s not much of a game compared to swedish hockey. They hardly play longer than 20-30 seconds, then a break. And in the breaks that are all the time it’s commercials and/or ice fixing. The fights just feel stupid, having 3 judges standing passive around them looking at the show..!? Come on, play some hockey, that’s why we are here and paid lots of money to see. Last episode they played over a minute a couple of times between the breakes. Hm, no more NHL live for me, to much show and no playing, now I’ve seen it and I prefer swedish hockey…

Radio App design :)

Custom App design :)

I really like my IPad radio app after redesigning it with my own images. In general I prefer apps an programs that supports themes, skins etc. And streaming radio is something i’ve done for several years, i can’t stand “normal” radio with all commercials breaks, and only 10 tunes (top ten list) on repeat all day. Internet radio rules! :)