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Coffee cup & thermos

Nikon lenscup & thermos

I just wanted to show you every photographers must have thermos coffee cup, and a thermos for the coffee/tea when out in the field on a shoot! It’s a good replica of the Nikon lenses!
The cup is a scale 1:1 dummy Nikon Nikkor 24~70mm zoom lens design, of durable non-toxic PC plastic + stainless steel thermos cup of 300 ml.

The other is a simulation dummy Nikon 70~200mm zoom Lens thermos, with a mug/cup hat to drink from, size 600 ml, with rubber ring to avoid water creep. Now I’ll have my coffe with me always :)

Fondue FTW

Restaurante Stäket in Lund.jpg

Having a splended fondue at Stäket in Lund, real raw food! :) The best restaurant in town since 1557 :)

G-Babe 2012 wallcalendar


Now all the 12 images for the G-Babe 2012 wallcalendar is delivered, it’s for the streetrace magazine Gatebil magazine. Be sure to get hold of next Gatebil magazine (no.10) in dec to get your copy of the wallcalendar!

Or for the Norwegians: “Knalltilbud på bladet rett hjem i postkassa!”
Send kodeord: AGAT68 til 1901. Da får du hele 10 nummer av GATEBIL Magazine + dockingstasjon for iPhone for kun kr 390,- (Verdi på pakka er hele kr. 1058,-)”
Then you won’t miss it! :)

Tracker in the studio


This evening I’m preparing a shoot at Zolex Studios, of the Tracker producers/band/crew whatever… ;)
I made their new logo som weeks ago that’s used on their new video and clothes etc. This will be fun!
I added a quick preview from the shoot…

Like it?

Rough enough? :)




Halloween :)

Halloween 2011

Where at a great halloween party yesterday! Thanxs Louise & Co. :) I’m a bit tired today, but managed to visit my parents graves and lit some candles for them.

Got my new car today


Today i picked up my new car from the car dealer, and left my “old car” there for good. A bit sad since I really like my old car. I hope this new one will be as nice and good as the old one. After driving some time in it today and mostly trying to find and test where and how everything works, I feel it’s a good and really nice car :)