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Soon a Happy New Year! :)

Zolex Gott Nytt År!

I’m looking forward to New Years evening tomorrow! : ) Some fun activities (Curling!) with friends/group of people during the day, and continuing with a great menu during the evening : )
Hope you all have a nice New Years evening and get a excellent 2012! : )

Cheers! :)


Merry Christmas!!

Zolex God Jul

I wish you all a merry christmas!!

Hope you’ve been good and santa brings you a nice gift! And that you get a great christmas weekend with friends, dear familly and some good food :)

Take care!


Shoot for Biometron…

Biometron top logo

Some days ago I visited Biometron to take product images of their various latest products. Not that easy to do since their products have lots of stailess steel and shiny surfaces that give reflections etc that tells a trained eye that the phot isn’t taken in a proper studio, but in their demo room with all sorts of things that you don’t want in the way or in the reflections. But with correct lightsetup, both white and matt black surfaces and white textilebackdrops etc I found a way to pull it off. I got a list of images to fix now for their upcoming productleaflets, site and manuals etc.

The guardian angels…

Guardian angels...

Theese persons must have a guardian angel watching over them! They should get a lottery ticket :)

One more who should thank their guardian angel…

Drive carefully and keep extra distance on slippery roads!!

Shoot with Dj Anneli

Dj Anneli shoot @ Zolex Studios

Today Dj Anneli came to me for a couple of days. Always nice to see her, my dear friend since many, many years now :) We look into updating various media and did a new shoot to get new material to our plans… to be continued…

Dalecarlia Spa Resort :)


This weekend we went to Tällberg and the Dalecarlia Spa resort. We drive up through bad weather on friday, to a beautiful winter landscape. It’s a marvelous view out over the Siljan. Friday evening we had a 3-cource dinner and a nice lounge/bar + live pianobar evening. On Saturday ther where outdoor activites in teams, lovely weather and perfect temparature. Nice lunch and free afternoon in the great Spa resort. Indoor pool and hot massage tubs, and we booked the outdoor hot massage tub wich was sooo nice with the beautiful sunset sceenery over Siljan :)

Traditional christmas smorgasbord with everything plus many new things in our own old nice dining ballroom. Live music artist booked for us with music quiz and lot’s of good tunes. The other guest’s wanted to join our party, I think the piano bar was a bit empty when we rocked the place :) There where even couples dancing ouside our door in the hallway… ;)


Today I woke up to a beautiful sunny day with christal clear whinter landscape from my room window.

 I had a brunch and packed, checked out for a drive back home after a great weekend!

Tällberg and Dalecarlia Spa is recommended! They have good food, nice staff and stunning scenery! :)