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PMU Live Cosmetink

PMU shoot

Today we did a shoot on PMU (Permanent Make Up) in action or “live” with Sandra who runs a site for PMU in Sweden. We […]
Frida S Fitness

Fitness shoot with Frida

Today I had a shoot with model Frida Sjöström, a fitness shoot for several purposes like fitness magazine, fitness bikini contest and a fitness blog etc. […]
Sandra E Pink Party

Pink Party!

My dear friend and model Sandra Edlund’s combined birthdayparty and new apartment party had the theme “Pink Party” A really nice event with lots of goodlooking […]
Lina Hansen @ Zolex Studios

Shoot of Lina Hansen

Today I did a studio shoot of model Lina Hansen for the first time. She lives not far from our studio in Uppsala so we had […]