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Guardian angels...

The guardian angels…

Theese persons must have a guardian angel watching over them! They should get a lottery ticket One more who should thank their guardian angel… Drive carefully […]
Dj Anneli shoot @ Zolex Studios

Shoot with Dj Anneli

Today Dj Anneli came to me for a couple of days. Always nice to see her, my dear friend since many, many years now We look […]

Dalecarlia Spa Resort :)

This weekend we went to Tällberg and the Dalecarlia Spa resort. We drive up through bad weather on friday, to a beautiful winter landscape. It’s a […]
Nikon lenscup & thermos

Coffee cup & thermos

I just wanted to show you every photographers must have thermos coffee cup, and a thermos for the coffee/tea when out in the field on a […]