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Wallcalendars over the years

Wallcalendars mix

This weekend I’m working on the new G-Babe 2012 wallcalendar. Going through thosands of images shoot the past year for the G-Babe expos…
And I looked at my filecabinets and shelves with some of my past years calendars for various calendar companies, product/branded for companies and magazines etc. It’s quite a bunch now, and this is only the ones I found in my office, not the oldest from my archive room. Two of my latest for 2012 is found here, now back to the G-Babe 2012 calendar…

2 Responses to "Wallcalendars over the years"

  1. Hi there Roger!
    I just found your site and I love your work!
    I’m modeling my self, and I’d love to be in your calendars, or any of your other work. Contact me plz!


  2. Rodge

    Hi Liza!

    Thanks for your nice comment :)
    Feel free to apply as a model for my work and various projects (such as calendars) by filling out this form :)

    Have a nice day!

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