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Here you can view an article/interview published by Best Magazine. It’s about Rogers work and business, interviewed on work location in Crete with many behind the scenes pictures from his various shoots for calendars. Select [SWE] or [US/UK] ver.

And there is a second big article and interview [here] of Roger Sundberg made by Best Magazine some time after the first, as a follow up on his work. It cover other parts like streetrace magazine Babe expos, posters and yearly wall calendars.

To find out more about Roger, view his blog archives… :)

Q. What does it cost to have pictures taken by you?
A. “How long is a rope? Meaning it’s almost impossible to give a general answer to that. From free to very expensive :) It all depends on the size of the shoot, large or simple, 3-4 hours or a day. In our studio or out on location with studio gear. With a car, helicopter, in a cool flat or a castle? How many of my crew people need to attend. Then the type of agreement in usage rights of the images also affects the price. Are the images of use for us in any way or just the customer, if we have use for the material in some way, and its okay for the customer, that will lower the price. Best is to contact me and present your idea, what you want done and how it will be used, and we will take it from there, to be able to put a price on it…”

Q. Do you do TFP (Time For Prints)?
A. “In general No. Not that we don’t like the idea, we started that way also, but today we don’t have the time for it. Exceptions exist though. If we are presented an idea that either is cool/crazy or new, that we find interest in for an artistic point of view, seem fun, or we see usage for it and it fit any of our projects, then there is a chance. So you are always welcome to contact us and present your self and ideas.”

Q. Can I give a shoot with you as a birthday present to my girlfriend?
A. Yes, we have several shoots that are presents. Various packages where we can give the girl make-up, styling and shoots of various styles. It’s fun for a person to be “star of a day”, 100% in focus, and after words get some photos to hang on the wall as a memory.