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Here's some Photographs from my portfolio

  • Linda K S - Model

    "You are a super photographer Roger, the best i've worked with ever!

    The images are some of the best and finest I've ever seen. And you are so comfortable, patient, funny and nice to spend time with on top of everything!"
    Linda K S - Model
    Babe of the year
  • Gatebil Magazine

    "Some of the coolest images we printed ever!"

    - Cover & Main expo
    Gatebil Magazine
    Aller Media
  • Sigrid Åhs - model
    "Roger Sundberg is listed as one of top 9 Swedish photographers.
    Criterias as: Recommended, serious in ALL ways, models can easily shoot and feel safe with him, no worries, personal favourite through the years, are professional in his work.
    He's one of the photographers who still have the honour intact after all years in the business."
    Sigrid Åhs - model
    "Swedens Pamela Anderson"
  • Wall Calendars
    "He deliver images in top quality, like the best suppliers from USA. Plus he has a great eye for composition and layout. He even makes the covers for us since his ideas and layouts are better than ours..."
    Wall Calendars
  • Tove Lill Løyte
    Before shoot: "Jeg skal paa shoot med Roger Sundberg! Har dere sett hans bilder? Han er DYKTIG! Jeg gleder meg......:)

    After shoot: "Jeg eeeelsket bildene! :) Det er nok de beste bildene jeg har tatt:) Du er utrolig dyktig!"
    "Jeg er maanedens G-Streng babe! - Jeg ble veldig fornoeyd med bildene....Roger Sundberg er en fantastisk fotograf!"
    Tove Lill Løyte
    Playboy Model
  • Basicelement

    "This is your fault Roger!

    Just because you are busy we had to use another photographer. That sucked bigtime!
    Can't use it at all. Now, tell me when you have time, give us a date man!
    We will only work with you, we don't have time to screw up more shoots. We can always count on you, you know how to set cool light, always deliver quality, com'on when do you have time for us?"
    Stockhouse Management
  • John B Hansen - Art Director
    "ROGER if you were a woman I'd fuck you til you had three orgasms (then I would collapse with exhaustion :)
    THESE ALL LOOK GREAT. Job very well done. I look forward to our next shoot!"

    - (regarding images delivered for cover, main expos and Q&A pages)
    John B Hansen - Art Director
    Aller Media
  • Hannah Johansson
    "I'm always glad when new images shows up in my inbox. I've got pictures from Roger. He's a great photographer! I loooove the light in his pictures! And it was Roger who got me the GridGirl job this summer. We had the photosession some weeks before the GridGirl event :)"
    Hannah Johansson
  • Nikita Bonita Marie Rodriguez

    "Wiiiii da har jeg fått kalendern i posten!!!!
    Roger Sundberg du er bare heeeelt rååå da : )))) digga den!!!"

    Nikita Bonita Marie Rodriguez
  • Hanne Marie
    "A while back Show Models owner Hanne Marie, and Show Models assistant Victoria Leanica where at shoot with the fabulous photographer Roger Sundberg. Roger is known for making fantastic calendars, and now he's made it again!! The 2012 calendars have great images of good looking girls!"
    Hanne Marie
    Show Models
  • Cecilie Felice och Ayna Kristensen
    "I går møtte jeg Roger her i Oslo, på kvelden hadde vi en photoshoot. Gleder meg til å se bildene når de blir ferdige =)
    Wiii. Roger er suuuper flink og ikke minst lett å jobbe med". -Ayna
    "Ahhh nice!!!! gleder meg til å se!! ;)
    Var på shoot med han idag selv!! Verdens beste fotograf!!!! :D"

    Cecilie Felice och Ayna Kristensen
  • Camilla Lunde
    "Whoop Whoop :) Hei hei hei :) hihi... endelig er Gatebil magazinet jeg er med i kommet ut i butikk hyllene :) super fornøyd :) stoooor takk til Roger Sundberg for supre bilder og Jeanette Helen for smashing makeup :)"
    Camilla Lunde
  • Maria Kristine Tørrisen

    "Jeg elsket kalenderen!!! Wow!! : ))))"

    Maria Kristine Tørrisen

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You have the idea, we shoot, we design (ie. the logo, posters, setcards, wallcalendars, record covers, the website, social media platforms etc), produce, and we can handle the printing, even set up and sell your merchandise online...