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Zolex Studios school

Today we held a one day class in stuido technics involving various lights, flashes, do and don’ts etc. Working live on two models, makeup artists etc. […]

LasVegas, LA & SanFrancisco!

Zolex photographer Roger Sundberg and Zolexmodels is on a LasVegas, Grand Canyon (by plane over, helicopter in and boat on), LA and SanFrancisco trip! Sunny Carlifornia […]

Dreamhack 2009

Zolexmodels have several of their models at the worlds largest computerfestival and LAN party, at the legendary Dreamhack 2009 at Elmia. Dreamhack is open between 26 […]

Zolexmodels at the Exhibition

Zolexmodels delivers hostesses to attract new customers at the exhibition in Stockholm Älvsjö.