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Studio shoot with Emelie
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Studio shoot with Thaura

Zolex Studios - Thaura - ZS-122651257-59

Today model Thaura came to Zolex Studios for a “test shoot” as I always calls all first time shoots with new models. After some contact back and forth we found several common interests and desided to do a shoot and see if we can produce material to some of my various projects. After some time in front of my camera i knew I will work more with this model Thaura. She is so easy to work with and can variate her expressions easily and give you hot looks as well as a great kind innocent smile next minute. A all natural body with great curves and proportions is also a big plus! :)

A typical “blog” image in front of the makeup mirror (and makeup lights, hence the wierd colours with her camera).

Here is some samples:

Sorry for the censorship, but I don’t want to give it all away yet, it will most likely be published (wall calendar etc) so I want it to be more or less “unpublished” until then… :)

Are you interested in shoots for wallcalendars and expos like Thaura? Then apply here!

Have a nice day!

// Rodge


  1. Lätt hennes bästa bilder hittills….

  2. Avatar Rodge says:

    Man tackar, kul att du gillar dem Emelie :)

    // Rodge

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